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        Vertical lifting stereo garage


        Working principle
        Vertical lifting type parking equipment, parking two cars on one floor, 25 layers can park 50 vehicles, covers an area of about 50 square meters, with access to the car speed, high degree of automation, safe and reliable, easy to operate,
        The utility model has the advantages of convenient maintenance, etc. the utility model is particularly suitable for being built in a busy city center and a centralized parking place for vehicles. When storing the car, lift the vehicle to the appointed level with the lifting mechanism, then transfer the vehicle into the parking space by using the traversing mechanism;
        When the vehicle is taken, the vehicle on the designated parking space is sent into the lifting mechanism through the traversing mechanism, and the lifting mechanism is lowered to the entrance and exit of the vehicle, the rotating disk is turned, the garage door is opened, and the driver drives the vehicle away.


        Main products
        Intelligent parking equipment and parking management system. The production of lifting andtransferring vertical lifting plane, movable type, landscape type, garage, and the garage vertical circulation type elevator for car etc.


        We have advanced raw materials


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